bork designs

Based in San Francisco, California, Bork Designs can provide you or your business with a clean, professional, modern website for a very competitive price. We design all websites from scratch and do all the coding by hand. We also offer custom banners and advertisements, logos, business card designs, and most types of graphical work. In addition, we create custom Wordpress designs.

Why choose us

We work closely with our clients to ensure we are doing everything exactly as the client envisioned. All of our websites are compatible with modern web browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. Our code is standards compliant and optimized, meaning your website will load faster and use less server resources.

For PHP-enabled servers, we break the code down into separate segments that are combined automatically, making future updates a snap. For example, if you decide to add a navigational link in the future, you will only have to add it one place, and it will show on all website pages.

We understand that not everyone can pay thousands for a professional website. We will work with you to negotiate a price even if your budget is low.

Why we are better

A lot of budget web designers use programs to make websites. These programs create very messy code that does not work across multiple web browsers, loads slowly, and wastes unnecessary server resources.

Other budget designers use premade templates that have already been used by thousands of other websites, and look very generic. They often use generic stock photography and designs with maybe minor modifications.

Bork Designs is the real deal. We provide top-notch professional service, custom designs, coded by hand, and original design work. Other designers usually charge thousands of dollars more for services like these.

What we do not do

We are professionals at graphic design, website design, and website coding. In addition, we can make simple Flash animations to spice up your website.

Currently, we do not provide development work for applications, meaning we cannot create things such as shopping carts, online stores, custom content management systems, and the like.

We do not support outdated web browsers such as Internet Explorer 6.

To make sure that we can provide the service you are looking for, please contact us.